10th International Hydrail Conference Presentations Available

The 10th International Hydrail Conference was held on Monday, June 22 and Tuesday, June 23, 2015 at the Charles Mack Citizens' Center (215 North Main St.) in Mooresville, NC USA. In addition to celebrating the tenth anniversary of the International Hydrail Conference series, this year's conference celebrated recent advancements in the commercialization of hydrogen-powered trains, including hydrogen-powered light rail developments in Germany, and other self-electrified rail transport options with speakers from Norfolk Southern and Tig/m, as well as a variety of developing trends such as big data in rail and leveraging the electric grid-services value of hydrogen-based rail. The event owes special thanks to our many supporters and sponsors, including: Hydrogrenics, The University of Warwick/Warwick Manufacturing Group, The Confucius Institute at Pfeiffer University, International Association of Hydrogen Energy, Mooresville/South-Iredell Chamber of Commerce, Appalachian State University Energy Center, Merinos Home Furnishings/Alinos Pizzeria, Charlotte Section-Institute of ELectrical and Electronics Engineers, and all the other individuals and organizations from around the world whom we have worked over the years. A list of speakers, conference agenda, and presentations are available for download at www.hydrail.org/hydrail2015.