Hydrail 2018 | 6 - 8 June 2018 | Rome, Italy

13th International Hydrail Conference  | Rome, Italy  |  6-8 June 2018

Conference Presentations

The 13th International Hydrail Conference was held 6-8 June 2018 at the Congress Centre of Engineering Faculty, University of Rome Tor Vergata in Rome, Italy. Additional conference information is available on the University of Rome's conference website at http://hydrail-conference-2018.uniroma2.it/.


Hydrogen Trains Begin Revenue Service - Press Coverage

Brennstoffzellenzug: Premiere mit hohen Erwartungen | 17-Sept-2018 | Norddeutscher Rundfunk

'World's first' hydrogen-powered train enters into service | 17-Sept-2018 | CNBC

'World's first' hydrogen-powered trains are now in service across Germany: Eco-friendly engines can cover 620 miles on a single tank of fuel and produce only water vapour | 17-Sept-2018 | Daily Mail

Hydrogen-powered trains begin service in Germany. | 16-Sept-2018 | NY Times

Germany launches world's first hydrogen-powered train | 17-Sept-2018 | The Guardian

Hydrail Deployment Studies

Ontario Hydrail Feasibility Study Released  |  Ontario Hydrail Symposium



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The 13th International Hydrail Conference was held 6-8 June 2018 at the Congress Centre of Engineering Faculty, University of Rome Tor Vergata in Rome, Italy. Additional conference information is available on the University of Rome's conference website at http://hydrail-conference-2018.uniroma2.it/. Presentations are available for download from https://hydrail.appstate.edu/hydrail2018
The Twelfth Inernational Hydrail Conference was held on 27-28 June 2017 in the Great Hall at St. Martin Castle in Graz, Austria. This latest event in the 12-year-long event series featured coverage of the latest commercialization developments in hydrogen-powered railway and locomotive technology and offered a glimpse into potential future development and deployment efforts.While enthusiastic experts have discussed the subject in the rather small circle by means of concepts and individual...
In recognition of the recent commercial availability of hydrogen fuel cell-powered trains, the International Association for Hydrogen Energy's (http://www.iahe.org) December 2016 newsletter featured an article highlighting the origin of hydrail and the supporting role of the IAHE and its International Journal of Hydrogen Energy. The article, made available courtesy of the IAHE, is available for download.
The Eleventh International Hydrail Conference was hosted by the University of Birmingham Centre for Railway Research and Education in Birmingham, UK on 4-5 July 2016. The conference celebrated recent developments in the commercial deployment of hydrogen train technology in Germany and China, and featured presentations from industry, academia, and government representatives from across Asia, Europe, and North America. A list of speakers, conference agenda, and presentations are available...
The 10th International Hydrail Conference was held on Monday, June 22 and Tuesday, June 23, 2015 at the Charles Mack Citizens' Center (215 North Main St.) in Mooresville, NC USA. In addition to celebrating the tenth anniversary of the International Hydrail Conference series, this year's conference celebrated recent advancements in the commercialization of hydrogen-powered trains, including hydrogen-powered light rail developments in Germany, and other self-electrified rail transport options...
The Ninth International Hydrail Conference was held in Neumünster, Germany on 16-18 June 2014 in partnership with the Kulturlokschuppen Neumünster e.V. The event owes special thanks to Dr. Robert Habeck, Minister of Energy and Environment, State of Schleswig-Holstein, and his colleague Reinhard Meyer, Minister of Economy and Traffic, for their patronage; media partners Energie&Management, HZwei and SHZ-Verlag; our scientific partners, Fraunhofer Institut ISIT, Itzehoe, University of North...
MOORESVILLE, N.C., March 27, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Each year a world conference is held to coordinate work by scientists and engineers on using hydrogen technology to power trams and trains, replacing diesel oil and overhead wires. These International Hydrail Conferences (IHCs) were begun in 2005 by North Carolina's Mooresville South Iredell Chamber of Commerce and the Energy Center at Appalachian State University.This year's 8th International Hydrail Conference will be held in Toronto, Canada....
What you won't hear, but should, in news coverage about Hurricane Sandy and transit service interruptions is that hydrail—hydrogen fuel cell/battery hybrid—subway trains would be much less impacted by salt water flooding.Read more from Hydrail and Sandy: Learning the Hard Way at the HydrogenCarsNow blog.
The 2012 Hydrail conference was hosted by the Birmingham Centre for Railway Research and Education at the Edgbaston Campus of the University of Birmingham. Presentations, videos and pictures from the conferecne are available for download at http://hydrail.org/conferences/49. The conference is produced with sponsorship from The Midlands Energy Graduate School, Science City Research Alliance, Mooresville Chamber of Commerce, University of Birmingham, and Appalachian State University.
The Seventh International Hydrail Conference (7IHC) will be held on 3 - 4 July 2012 at the University of Birmingham in the United Kingdom. Our hosts will be the Birmingham Centre for Railway Research and Education whose mission is "providing fundamental scientific research, knowledge transfer and education to the international railway community." Additional details available at www.hydrail.org. Conference Information Online Registration

Hydrail in the News

Sep 16, 2018 | Daily Mail
- Two bright blue Coradia iLint trains have begun running on a 62-mile route- The locomotives were built by French firm Alstom who make the TGV bullet train- Hydrogen fuel cells create electricity by mixing hydrogen and oxygen together- A further 14 of the green transportation vehicles will go into service in 2021Germany has rolled out the world's first hydrogen-powered train signalling the start of a push to challenge the might of polluting diesel locomotives.Hydrogen fuel cells are more co-friendly technology, creating electricity to power a battery and motor by mixing hydrogen and oxygen.
Sep 16, 2018 | The Guardian
Germany has rolled out the world's first hydrogen-powered train, signalling the start of a push to challenge the might of polluting diesel trains with costlier but more eco-friendly technology.Two bright blue Coradia iLint trains, built by French TGV-maker Alstom...
Jul 26, 2018 | Newswire Canada
Clean growth is essential for Canada's transportation system – to meet our emission reduction targets, grow our economy, and build resilience to a changing climate. The Government of Canada is committed to protecting air quality and ensuring Canadians have healthy communities in which to live, work and raise their families...
Jul 16, 2018 | Global Railway Review
Alstom's Coradia iLint, the world's first hydrogen fuel cell passenger train, has been granted approval by the German Railway Office (EBA) for passenger service in Germany...
Jul 9, 2018 | International Railway Journal
POLISH coal mining company JSW and national rail freight operator PKP Cargo have agreed to cooperate to research, analyse and possibly produce new types of hydrogen-powered freight wagons and shunting locomotives.The two companies signed a letter of intent during the Impact'18 conference in Krakow in June covering joint innovative investment projects related to the commercial use of hydrogen fuel...
Jun 24, 2018 | Railway Gazette
UK: Proposals for the development of a 'world-leading' railway testing facility in Wales are to be set out by Welsh government Transport Secretary Ken Skates on June 25.The proposed test centre would have two electrified test ovals of 7·3 km and 3·1 km suitable for continuous running at up to 160 km/h, offering an alternative to the Siemens facility at Wildenrath in Germany and Velim in the Czech Republic. There would also be rolling stock and infrastructure storage, maintenance, servicing and decommissioning facilities.It is envisaged that the site could be used for the development of hydrogen and battery powered trains, as well as 'next generation' signalling technology....
May 15, 2018 | Railway Gazette
AUSTRIA: Zillertalbahn operator ZVB announced on May 15 that it had selected Stadler to supply five hydrogen fuelled multiple-units for its 760 mm gauge line.A prototype is expected to be ready for trials in 2020, with the remaining four trainsets expected to be delivered in 2022....
May 14, 2018 | The Telegraph
French train manufacturer Alstom is set to become the first company to bring hydrogen trains to the UK with its plans to convert an existing fleet.The company said the move was the "first substantive industry response" to calls by the Government for the removal of all diesel rolling stock by 2040.Alstom will convert a fleet of Class 321 electric trains by fitting hydrogen tanks and fuel cells to power them...
May 13, 2018 | Alstom Press Release
Alstom today confirms plans to bring its world leading hydrogen technology to trains in the UK. This is the first substantive industry response to the Government's challenge to remove diesel rolling stock by 2040. The company is working with Eversholt Rail ‎on plans to convert Class 321 electric trains to hydrogen operation, fitting hydrogen tanks and fuel cells to upcycle trains that are some of the best proven on the network into Britain’s most advanced rolling stock....
Apr 12, 2018 | Railcolor News
Today Alstom Coradia iLint no. 654 102/602 was on tour in the German state of Hessen. The hydrogen powered train made a promotional run from Wiesbaden to Frankfurt-Höchst.With this trip, Alstom is put its Coradia iLint into the spotlight. It is one of the possible options for the Rhein-Main-Verkehrsverbundes (RMV) – that has released a tender for new trains with new technology that will replace diesel trains currently used on various non-electrified lines in the Taunus area. Read more at http://railcolornews.com/2018/04/13/de-alstom-promoting-its-hydrogen-ilint-in-hessen/