International Hydrail Conference 2017

Tue, 06/27/2017 - Wed, 06/28/2017
Graz, Austria

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The 12th International Hydrail Conference: Building on the solid foundation of a tradition since 2005

We thank you for your interest in Hydrail and hope that you will participate in this 12th edition of the event series.

IHC's objective is to contribute to the change of regime in the rail sector by providing a forum where technology experts, vehicle and rail infrastructure managers, as well as media, policy makers and other stakeholders, come together to discuss ideas on hydrogen and rail transport From the systemic level up to concrete designs and transformations.

Today, about 12 years after the first conference, held in Charlotte, North Carolina (USA), we are on the next, important benchmark for the future. While enthusiastic experts have discussed the subject in the rather small circle by means of concepts and individual demonstrators, the last two years have shown an acceleration that is almost as dramatic as the rail transport sector. Now a small fleet of Hydrail trams is on the road in the Caribbean. In Germany the prototypes of a complete model range around the entire European approval test and the latest announcements from China and the rest of the world signal a potential market break.

Herbert Wancura

Agenda (subject to change)

provisional as of 17 May 2017 - for most recent updates see

Tuesday, 27 June 2017         
Time    Activity    
09:00    Registration    
09:30    Welcome Address    Anna Thaller, St. Martin Castle
09:40    Welcome and Introduction    Stan Thompson/Herbert Wancura
Keynote Addresses    
10:00    H2 Visions    Ian Williamson, EHA
10:30    Hydrail Visions    Andreas Hoffrichter, MSU
11:00    Coffee Break    
Session I Hydrail and Hydrogen Infrastructure    
11:15    Hydrogen Rail Test Projects in Germany    Uli B?nger /LBST
11:35    Bulk Hydrogen OnRail Project    A. Schimanofsky/RCC
11:55    Hydrogen Supply Scenarios    B. Forget, Air Liquide
12:15    Hydrogen Supply Synergies    H. Wancura
Discussion    All
13:00    Lunch Break    
Session II: Hydrail Vehicle Technologies & Solutions    
14:30    The ALSTOM Hydrail History    Peter Eggleton
14:50    1063 Last mile Unit    ? BB
15:10    Future visions    SNCF
15:30    Discussion    
16:00    Coffee Break    
Session III Hydrail Vehicle Technologies & Solutions    
16:30    Hydrogen On-board storage, Transport solutions    T. Weber, xperion (tbc)
16:50    Projects, Technology Achievements, Update    M. Kammerer, Hydrogenics
17:10    Projects, Technology Achievements, Update    Top Uluç, Ballard
18:00    End    
19:00    Joint Dinner at St. Martin Castle    

Wednesday, 28 June 2017
Time    Activity    
Session IV Hydrogen Rail - Regional Implementation Actions    
09:30    Options for Autonomous Power for the UK    Stephen Kent, UoB/Gilles Petit, LNC Lavalin
09:50    Activities of HyCentA - Transition of Energy Systems from C to H2    Alexander Trattner / Manfred Klell, HyCentA
10:10    Schleswig Holstein Plans    Holger Busche
10:30    CEF/Synergy Call Project 1    Groningen Project
10:50    National/regional Activity Reserve    tbc
11:00    Coffe break    
11:30    Panel Discussion & Conclusions    Herbert Wancura
13:00    Lunch    
Organized Visits

Conference Information

The 12 IHC will take place in the Great Hall at St. Martin Castle. The address of the castle is:
Kehlbergstrasse 35, 8054 Graz (Tel. +43 (0) 316/283655)

The conference language is English.

Registration and participation fee

Registration at

In addition to the event costs, the participation fee includes two lunches, breaks and snacks as well as the statutory value-added tax (VAT), currently 20%. The drinks included in the package during the breaks and lunch include coffee, tea, water, as well as biological juices. Alcoholic beverages can, of course, be ordered at any time for their own costs.

How are we striving to create a balance between the "non-profit orientation" of our cooperation partners for the most unrestricted circle of participants and the necessary cost coverage. Therefore, we offer the following differentiated participation fees:

Standard participation fee (valid for all participants who do not meet the criteria for one of the special rates) ... € 144,00 (inclusive VAT, net € 120,00)
Reduced participation fee for AC-Styria members ... € 120,00 (VAT included, net € 100,00)
Students, government officials and listed co-authors ... € 72,00 (VAT included, net € 60,00)
Presenting authors, press members (please register with the organizer, see special form in the Conference Registration) ... Free of charge

Evening event - Styrian food and drink in the castle

Evening event per person, all inclusive ... € 55,20

We offer participants the opportunity to be in a relaxed atmosphere. The hotel is located in the heart of St.Martin, just a few minutes walk from the city center. It will be complimented by a wine tasting of Styrian wines. The front office of the St.Martin Castle also wants to be happy to provide you with bottles or cartons of these wines to take home.

For participants who want to use the opportunity to continue the dialogues of the day in a relaxed atmosphere and learn Styrian food and Styrian wines, we offer an evening event at St. Martin Castle. In the good weather to be expected at this time of the year, we will enjoy Styrian specialties from the buffet in front of the backdrop of the castle courtyard and the castle gardens, to make a wine tasting and to consume these wines. Beers or non-alcoholic beverages are also included in this event. If the wines taste so good that you want to take them home, you can buy them at the reception.

Since not all participants can use this option, they must be ordered separately. Participants can also take part in our evening event. In this case, please indicate the number of additional participants when registering.

Transport & Lodging

Overnight in the castle of St. Martin
As a seminar and training center, St. Martin also offers a range of rooms, all of which are equipped with private bathroom and WC as well as WLAN. (Note: Due to the typical beds arranged for seminar places, they are only suitable for couples).

The rooms can be booked directly via the following link:

Other Lodging Options

Graz offers a variety of accommodation possibilities in almost all categories from the luxury hotel to guest houses and guest houses.

Apart from the capacity of the castle, the following accommodation is available in the immediate vicinity of the venue:

Hotel South
Furthermore, the following accommodation possibilities are available in the surrounding area:

Hotel Paradies
However, for the latter two, the building activity is carried out on the site or in close proximity. We therefore recommend this hotel, under the proviso that it can come under noise in the morning or in the early morning.

Furthermore, you can book your accommodation through the Graz Tourismus website ( or any other hotel or accommodation page that Graz has to offer.

When choosing your accommodation, please note that the St. Martin Castle is not accessible directly by public transport. The next stop is the bus stop Ankerstraße, from there it is about 700 m to the castle, but the path leads partly over a forest path with a height rise of about 60m. Taxis from the city center should cost between €15 and €20.

Getting There - Transportation

Graz can be reached via a variety of means of transport:

By train via Graz main station (typical connections come from Vienna or Salzburg as well as a variety of other cities).

By plane via Graz Airport (GRZ) . The airport is located on the southern edge of the city (about 10 km from the city center) in the village of Feldkirchen. For your local mobility and connection to the city, the regional railways are available (the entrance station is accessible by a 600m walk), which bring the travelers to the Graz main station. Furthermore, there is an airport shuttle bus, which operates according to schedule, which also takes passengers to some of Graz's main railway stations (timetable with stations:

Individuals arriving by car can reach Graz via the Austrian A2 / A9 motorways, which meet at the Graz West motorway junction. From there it is approx. 7 km to the city center and 3 km to the Schloss St. Martin.


Location Information

Graz - A traditionally creative and innovative city
Graz, the capital of Styria, is a wonderful meeting place. The second-largest city in Austria offers a unique atmosphere: a life-size, medium-sized city that benefits from the dynamism of its five universities - the students make up almost one-fifth of the population - and the world's leading companies. The history of the city and its cultural tradition are not only a legacy to be preserved, but an order to create something new, for example in architecture.

Regarding the conference theme "Hydrail", Graz can certainly call itself the "hydrogen capital" of Austria, since Prof. Karl Kordesch, a well known pioneer in the hydrogen community, was also active in Graz for many decades. Even today, institutes are located at Graz University of Technology, which can be traced back to this. But Graz is also the location of the research center HyCentA, which is even equipped with its own hydrogen station. Furthermore, this non-university research facility offers unique infrastructure, such as a HIL test bench for fuel cell drives - with over 150kW of power one of the most powerful in Europe; But also special tools for the investigation of on-board hydrogen storage devices, Which are based on the cooperation with the partner Magna Steyr. The close cooperation with the Institute of Combustion Carousels at the TU Graz also allows work on hydrogen-powered combustion engines - up to really large calibres ... Another partner of HyCentA, AVL, the world's largest independent research and engineering company for propulsion systems, also has Their seat in Graz.

But that's not all: Siemens Mobility's Global Competence Center for electrically driven bogies is also located here, building on a rail vehicle tradition that dates back more than 150 years.

All these serious ingredients, however, are combined with a shot of life culture that is almost mediterranean, making the city not only an attractive place to live in, but also an excellent setting for conferences such as the 12 IHC.

Shortly to the castle
The castle is situated on the south-western hills that surround Graz. Its origins can be traced back to the 11th century. The present form was built in 1557. Since 1914 it has served as a seminar and training center; For this purpose, it was also taken over by the state of Styria in 1936 and has since been administered by the state government.

As a conference venue, the castle not only provides technical insights to the conference participants but also offers great views over the city and the entire Graz basin. The natural tranquility offered by the Renaissance castle courtyard and the surrounding private gardens and orchards also contribute to the exchange of ideas.

The 12 IHC will be held in the Great Hall on the first floor of the castle (accessible via lift). The castle and its gardens will also be the setting for our dinner on 27 June.

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