3rd International Hydrail Conference: HYDRAIL 2007

Mon, 08/13/2007 - Tue, 08/14/2007
Salisbury, NC

Conference Presentations

  • Dr. John E. Wear, Catawba College, Welcome to Catawba's Center for the Environment and the role of the Center for the Environment in facilitating renewable technology introduction in North Carolina
  • Dr. Seky Chang, Korea Railroad Research Institute, Hydrail Projects and Technology in South Korea
  • Prof. Tarun Huria, Professor and Head of the Department of Rolling Stock Technologies, Indian Railways' Institute of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering (IRIMEE), Hydrogen Energy and Fuel Cells in Railway
  • Giovanni Pede, Italian National Agency for Energy and the Environment, Use of series-hybrid drive trains for railway traction, a feasibility study promoted by Ferrovie dello Stato
  • KEYNOTE: ROBERT ROSE, Executive Director, U. S. Fuel Cell Council, Hydrail, the fuel cell application that's been too long overlooked
  • Peter Holt, Fraser Valley Heritage Railway Society, Surrey, British Columbia: FVHRS's hydrail-powered restoration of a 1900 inter-urban railcar
  • David Caroll, Charlotte Area Transit System, North Corridor Commuter Rail Project: Powered By Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology?
  • Bill Thunberg, Mayor, Mooresville NC, Small town, global change - how size matters much less in the information age
  • Jason Hoyle (on behalf of Denmark HIRC's Claus Torbeson), Appalachian State Energy Center, Danish Hydrogen train and Wind Hydrogen as Hydrail Fuel
  • Chuck Sathrum, NC State Energy Office, Linking Hydrogen and Hydrail to Local Energy Independence and Job Growth
  • Rick Hudson, University of NC - Charlotte & Rowan County Economic Development Committee, The Badin Hydroelectric Opportunity -- Enough Renewable Hydrogen to Power Central North Carolina's H2 Trains, Cars and Buses for Years
  • Dr. Linda Rimer, U.S. EPA, Hydrail and SEQL
  • KEYNOTE: Secretary William Ross, NC Dept. of Environment and Natural Resources, Sustainable energy and technologies like hydrail are the growth industries of the 21st century
  • Peter Holt (on behalf of Jim Graebner of American Passenger Transport Association), The return of the American streetcar: why, where, and how soon
  • Tom Bartley, ISE Corporation, Adaptability of existing hydrogen bus technology to hydrail streetcar applications
  • Stan Thompson, Hydrogen Economy Advancement Team, The Engineering Risk of Not Leaping to Hydrogen Streetcars: Who Bought the Last Steam Locomotive
  • Bill Summers, National Hydrogen Technology Laboratory, US DOE Savannah River National Laboratory, The outlook for mass-produced, carbon-free thermochemical hydrogen for hydrail and other applications

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