5th International Hydrail Conference: HYDRAIL 2009

Thu, 06/11/2009 - Fri, 06/12/2009
Charlotte, NC USA

The Focus: The Fifth International Hydrail Conference agenda departs somewhat from the first four IHCs in that it focuses on three featured subjects: (1) mass carbon-free hydrogen production technologies to fuel hydrail trains and other vehicles; (2) the economic importance of avoiding commitment to new externally powered rail lines - especially for streetcars; and (3) hydrogen fuel cell streetcars: the hydrolley and its revolutionary significance for urban transportation planning.

Spotlighting Canada: Canada's long-standing leadership role in hydrail introduction will be emphasized. The Canadian Consulate to North Carolina plays a major role in producing this year's Hydrail Conference.

The Excursion: In 2006, Denmark's Hydrogen Innovation and Research Center (Herning, Denmark) delighted conferees on the second day of the conference with a rail excursion. A rail excursion is part of the 2009 IHC as well. The Charlotte Area Transit System will host a ride down their new and extrordinarily successful LYNX Blue Line (light rail) for a tour of CATS's rolling stock maintenance facility.

International Updates: As usual, there will be updates by international speakers on the progress of hydrail around the world and how today's economical and political change will affect the technology in coming years.

On Policy: Policy discussion will play a greater role than usual as several elected officials with transit-related roles are expected to join in.

Conference Presentations

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Thursday June 11, 2009

Prologue Speakers

  • Dr. Barry Burks, Charlotte Research Institute - Welcome Why CRI Is Hosting This Years IHC
  • Jennifer Roberts, Mecklenburg County Commission Chair - Welcome
  • Jason Hoyle, Appalachian State University - Brief History & Origin of the International Hydrail Conference
  • Dr. Alistair Miller, Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd. - Why Rail is the Best use of H2 & The Environmental Urgency

Mass Production of Hydrogen Fuel for Hydrail

  • Kevin Major, University of North Carolina at Charlotte - Nanocatalyst-based hydrogen production
  • Dr. Bill Summers, Savannah River National Laboratory - High Temperature Thermochemical Water Splitting Using the Sulfur/Iodine Cycle
  • Robert Stasko, University of Ontario - Promising technologies for producing industrial scale hydrogen with low or zero carbon emissions

Keynote & Lunch

  • KEYNOTE: WALTER KULYK, U.S. Department of Transportation, Federal Transit Administration, Office of Mobility Innovation

International Hydrail Update

  • Jason Hoyle, Appalachian State University Energy Center - Hydrail in the EU
  • Dmitry Grigorovich (presented by Stan Thompson), Russia Scientific Research Institute of Railway Transport - Hydrogen Fuel Cell Power for Tunnel Work
  • Dr. Seky Chang, Korean Railway Research Institute - Hydrail in Asia: The Current Direction
  • Peter Holt, Surrey (BC) Canada - The Fraser Valley Heritage Railway Society

Streetcars Go Wireless: Hydrolley-Community Synthesis

  • Ned Parker (P.E.), LTK Engineering, Comparing Life Cycle Costs of Internal and External Power for Rail Systems
  • Brian Nadolny, Charlotte Area Transit System - How New Overhead Systems Are Problematic
  • Nora Black & Monica Carney, DPZ Town Planners - Wireless Streetcars in Light-Imprint Communities

5:00 - 7:00 pm Networking Social

Friday June 12, 2009

Dawn of the Hydrolley

  • Stan Thompson, Mooresville Hydrogen Economy Action Team - The Hydrolley as Manifest Destiny
  • Nancy Carter, Charlotte City Council - What's In it For Charlotte
  • Dale Hill, CEO, Proterra LLC - Morphing H2 Bus Tech into Hydrolley Design
  • Brian Nadolny, Charlotte Area Transit System (CATS) - CATS's View of the Mooresville North Line & Conduct Lynx Excursion


  • Ride CATS's Lynx
  • 12:30 pm Adjourn


  • Charlotte Area Transit System (CATS)
  • U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
  • Centralina Council of Governments
  • Mooresville/South Iredell Chamber of Commerce
  • Charlotte Research Institute of the University of North Carolina at Charlotte
  • Appalachian State University Energy Center
  • Town of Mooresville Hydrogen Economy Advancement Team

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