Presentations from HYDRAIL 2017 available for download

The Twelfth Inernational Hydrail Conference was held on 27-28 June 2017 in the Great Hall at St. Martin Castle in Graz, Austria. This latest event in the 12-year-long event series featured coverage of the latest commercialization developments in hydrogen-powered railway and locomotive technology and offered a glimpse into potential future development and deployment efforts.

While enthusiastic experts have discussed the subject in the rather small circle by means of concepts and individual demonstrators, the last two years have shown an acceleration that is almost as dramatic as the rail transport sector. Now a small fleet of Hydrail trams is on the road in the Caribbean. In Germany the prototypes of a complete model range around the entire European approval test and the latest announcements from China and the rest of the world signal a potential market break.

Presentations are available for download from