4th International Hydrail Conference: HYDRAIL 2008

Mon, 06/09/2008
Valencia, Spain

Keeping a Good Train Rolling

The International Hydrail Conference brings together the world's leading experts in the development of hydrogen-fuel technology for railways. At the annual conference these experts assess state-of-the-art technologies and global R&D activities. The 2008 conference will showcase projects applying hydrogen and fuel cell technology to railways and examine scenarios for integrating these technologies into existing transport systems and other factors related to the energy supplies of railways.

The Fourth International Hydrail Conference will be held 9th June, 2008, at The Principe Felipe Museum, Valencia, Spain - one of the most modern facilities in Europe. The conference is being organized by Spain-based NTDA Energía (Valencia, Spain) in collaboration with the Appalachian State University Energy Center (Boone, North Carolina, USA) and the Hydrogen Economy Advancement Team at the Mooresville-South Iredell Economic Development Corporation (Mooresville, North Carolina, USA). Speakers and attendees will continue facilitating innovative technology development with a focus on providing solutions to the changing market demands of the railway sector. Solution s to common challenges will be identified and new proposals will be put forward to identify opportunities for hydrail technology applications to meet important local needs and to remove barriers to deployment and continued technological development. The hydrail conference will help provide a vision for the implementation of hydrogen-powered railways and a medium- to long-term strategic plan for the global deployment of this technology.

NTDA Energia, the leading organizer, is an international company committed to the development and deployment of hydrogen and fuel cell technologies. NTDA Energia plays a leading role in the EU Joint Technology Initiative on Fuel Cells and Hydrogen, including as one of the six Members of the Governing Board from the industry.

Conference Presentations

Speaker List (PDF)

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FIRST PANEL: International Projects and Incentives

  • Dr. Seky Chang, Korea Railway Research Institute: Development of Transportation Technology
  • Peter Holt, Fraser Valley Heritage (Stan Thompson presenting) Railway Society, Canada: Heritage and Hydrail-Bridging the 19th and 21st Centuries
  • Claus Torbensen, HIRC, Denmark: Plans For A Danish Test Site For Hydrogen Technology On Rails
  • Dr. Jonathan Ellis, Network Rail, UK: Railway Infrastructure-Impact of Hydrogen As An Energy Vector
  • Stan Thompson, HEAT, USA: Hydrolleys, A Prime Hydrail Application
  • Keynote Presentation, Greg Ayres-Volpe Center, Research and Innovative Technology Administration, U.S. Department of Transportation: The Role of Hydrogen in the US's Rail Transit Future (Presentation and Questions)

SECOND PANEL: Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology

  • Daljit Bawa, Ballard Fuel Cells, Canada: Ballard Fuel Cells Heavy Duty Applications
  • Jan Piet van der Meer, Nedstack Fuel Cells, The Netherlands: An Opportunity for Fuel Cells
  • Dr. Cesare Pianese, U. of Salerno, Italy: University Research Opportunities-Elements of Hydrail Design
  • Ian Williamson, Air Products, UK: (subject to be announced)

THIRD PANEL: The Hydrail Transition: Regulation, Planning and Funding

  • Jason Hoyle, Appalachian State University, NC, USA: Market Adoption Factors of Hydrail Technology
  • Herbert Wancura, EU Hydrogen Program: Hydrail and the EU's Joint Technology Initiative
  • Dr. Jeffrey Allan, Railway Safety and Standards Board, UK: Towards a European Demonstration-Feasibility, Funding, Standards
  • Dr. Giovani Pede, Italian Department of Energy and the Environment: The Role of Hydrail in Meeting Environmental Commitments

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